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Subaru timing belt service FAQ

What Happens if the Timing Belt Fails on my Subaru? Carter Subaru Shoreline Service FAQs

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Thousands of times per second, deep in the heart of your engine, valves are opening and closing, pistons are traveling, explosions are generating power - and, inside some subaru engines, a simple rubber belt keeps them all in time. If this timing belt breaks, all those moving parts will fall out of sync. This is likely to cause catastrophic engine damage! Luckily, Subaru uses timing belts rated for about 100,000 miles of use. The belt is installed under a cover deep inside the engine so road debris and fluid leaks can't damage it. But, before your vehicle crosses that major milestone, you'll want the timing belt replaced. Failure to replace this belt puts your engine at serious risk, so don't put off this important service!

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Consult your owner's manual to find the maintenance interval recommended for your vehicle. For example, one of the Subaru models equipped with a timing belt is the 2013 Subaru WRX. According to its owner's manual, the timing belt should be inspected for excess wear every 30,000 miles, and replaced no later than 105,000 miles. Below, we'll explain why this is so important.

What Happens in my Engine When the Timing Belt Fails?

Most Subaru vehicles are equipped with a four-cylinder BOXER® engine, though some get bigger, more-powerful six-cylinder versions. Inside these cylinders, a piston travels up and down, compressing air and fuel. At the top end of the cylinder, valves open and close to allow air and gasoline into the chamber, and allow exhaust fumes to escape after combustion.

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Subaru engines are "interference engines." That means the piston travels so far up the cylinder that it occupies the same space the valves do when they open. The timing belt ensures that the valves are closed before the piston returns to the top of the cylinder, and only open once the piston has left that space.

If the timing belt snaps while your engine is operating, it's likely that the pistons will strike the open valves, breaking them and severely damaging the engine! Getting this fixed will be a major, costly repair. To avoid it, just be sure to have your timing belt regularly inspected and replaced before it gets dangerously old.

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