5 Of The Most Common Reasons Car Power Windows Aren't Working

If you've ever driven a car with manual windows, you probably won't take power windows for granted. Flipping a switch is so much easier than cranking a handle, and power windows mean that you can open and close other windows, as well. However, when they don't work, it can cause great inconvenience. There are several possible causes, and they'll present slightly different symptoms. If you've been experiencing trouble with your vehicle's power windows, read below for some of the more common symptoms.

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5. The Rear Windows Won't Roll Down

It happens to the best of us. If the front windows work just fine, but the rear ones don't, the solution is simple. The child lock may have been activated by mistake. This is located on the driver's door, so it's easy to bump with an elbow. Deactivating the child lock will often fix things.

4. None Of the Windows Work

If none of the power windows work, the problem could be a blown fuse or a bad relay. A fuse is a relatively easy fix that you can do yourself. However, if the problem happens again, bring it to an authorized Subaru service center, as it could indicate electrical issues.

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3. One Window Won't Work and There Is No Sound

If you press the switch and the window doesn't work, and there's also no sound at all, a failed motor is a likely culprit. A bad switch could also be to blame; even if the motor is working just fine, a failed switch won't let it know that it's time to move.

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2. A Window Rolls Up and Down Slowly

This also points to a motor issue--though, unlike the last one, the switch probably can't be blamed. If the vehicle you're driving is older, the lift motor may simply be wearing out, and will need to be replaced for the windows to work properly.

1. One Window Doesn't Work and There Is Sound

If the window won't move, but you hear the motor happily whirring away, the regulator is probably the part to blame. This regulator comprises a cable and pulleys powered by the motor. When the motor begins to move, the cable and pulleys raise or lower the window. So if the motor is working but the windows still don't work, the regulator may have a damaged cable or pulley.

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