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When you hear that your car needs a new head gasket, you probably know that's a major, expensive repair that takes place deep in the engine. But there's even more to it than that. After having the head gasket replaced, you could experience major problems like engine overheating if the repair wasn't carried out correctly and completely. What's more, a damaged head gasket can be a sign that the engine has suffered damage in other areas as well.

What to do after a head gasket replacement when your Subaru overheats

Before you get your head gasket replaced by a neighborhood mechanic or pull the trigger on a used car that "just needs a new head gasket," learn from the pros at Carter Subaru Shoreline the things you need to know about taking care of your Subaru after head gasket replacement.

3. Why Head Gaskets are So Expensive to Repair

Under the hood, your engine can be broken down into two major sections: the head, and the block. The head gasket forms a seal between the head and the block. Inside the engine, high pressures and temperatures would threaten to damage the engine -- but engine oil and coolant keep the engine running at a safe temperature. When the head gasket leaks, it can allow oil and coolant to mix, or leak into the engine where it gets burned. This can cause overheating damage. To fix this, we'll have to tear down almost the entire engine. It's a time-consuming process and in some cases requires a machine shop to get it repaired correctly. All that time means that a head gasket repair can be costly.

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2. Not All Blown Head Gaskets Can Be Repaired

Once a head gasket starts to leak, the engine can start to overheat. If the engine overheats severely enough, components like pistons, valves, piston rings and more can deform and warp.

If things get warped badly enough, the head may never be able to mate perfectly to the block again -- and the only option available to you to fix the car is a full engine swap. At that point, most everyday commuter cars aren't worth the cost of an expensive engine swap, and you might prefer to simply replace the car altogether. That's why, before having a head gasket replaced on your car, the entire engine should be inspected. If the block hasn't cracked, the head hasn't warped, the pistons and valves are in good shape and all the seals are still working as they should, replacing the head gasket may be the best bet. It could easily give you many more miles of reliable service. That's why you should visit the Carter Subaru service center for this repair -- we'll check the whole engine until we've figured out your best option, and we won't start work until we explain everything we found.

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1. Make Sure Your Car Doesn't Overheat After Having the Head Gasket Replaced

Once the head gasket has been replaced on your car, you'll probably also need a variety of other minor repairs done "while we're in there" -- since replacing the head gasket involves disassembling much of the engine, it makes sense to replace things like the water pump and timing belt on models equipped with one while we're at it.

Our aim with this procedure will be to totally refurbish your engine, so it serves you well for years to come. That said, other independent mechanics and franchise shops don't always adhere to strict factory procedures. So, keep an eye on your temperature gauge after this repair. If your engine continues to overheat, it could damage itself all over again!

If your car continues to overheat after the head gasket was replaced, stop driving the car as soon as you can to prevent further damage. Give us a call for a second opinion. For example, if the radiator fan has stopped working, the thermostat is stuck closed, the water pump has failed or any other issue exists with the cooling system, you'll need to get that repaired, too. Otherwise, the car can continue to overheat and cause the new head gasket to blow!

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