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If a head gasket goes bad in your Subaru, or any other brand vehicle, you're in for a rough day. Fortunately, the factory-trained experts in our authorized service center at Carter Subaru Shoreline are here to help. Below, we discuss some symptoms that suggest the engine in your vehicle may have a bad head gasket and what you can expect when having it replaced by the technicians in our car repair center. It's easy to schedule a head gasket replacement online, and we can help arrange a tow if you need us to. Of course, please reach out to us if you have any questions about the maintenance and repair of your Subaru in and around Seattle.

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What are Some Bad Head Gasket Symptoms?

There are a few classic signs of a bad head gasket including the engine not running very well, smoke pouring out of the tailpipe, and overheating of the engine. You see, the head gasket is between the cylinder heads that contain the valves and the lower part of the cylinders where the pistons are located. Aside from the sealed connection between these two parts of the engine, the head gasket also seals various channels where oil and coolant travel separately. A failed gasket may allow the engine coolant and oil to mix, and that means neither is doing its job. This is why the engine often overheats when the head gasket goes bad.

If the head gasket fails in a way that allows coolant and/or oil to get in the cylinders, it will produce a lot of smoke out of the tailpipe. Typically, this smoke looks white but doesn't dissipate the way the steam does on cold mornings. If a head gasket fails and allows the oil and coolant to mix, you'll likely notice a milky-brown color to the oil. This typically leads to the engine overheating, but you may not notice any smoke coming from the tailpipe.

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What's Involved in Replacing a Subaru Head Gasket?

Since Subaru models are equipped with the renowned BOXER® engine, replacing a head gasket is a little different than on traditional engine designs. This is one of the reasons it's best to trust the factory-trained technicians at a dealership service center like ours. A lot of things, like the intake manifold, fuel injection system, and exhaust manifold must be removed to access the head gasket.

The technician will also need to remove much of the accessory drive including things like the alternator, AC pump, and power steering pump on models that have one. Since so much of the engine is disassembled at this point, it usually makes sense to swap out the water pump with a new one when getting a head gasket replaced. On models with a timing belt, this may also be a good time to get it replaced.

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The most affordable way to enjoy the best of what your Subaru can offer is to keep it well maintained. We make it easy to do just that at Carter Subaru Shoreline with competitive pricing and an easy online appointment scheduler. Our technicians can do a lot in a short amount of time, so feel free to drop by without an appointment at 17225 Aurora Ave N., Seattle, WA 98133.

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Why is it Better to Get Dealership Service at Carter Subaru Shoreline?

When choosing which mechanic to trust your Subaru with, consider who will know the most about your vehicle. There are a lot of good mechanics in the greater Seattle area, but none know Subaru engineering better than the technicians who are regularly trained and certified by the factory. That's who you'll find in an authorized Subaru service center like ours. Our prices are competitive with independent mechanic shops, and our frequently updated coupons for Subaru service provide even more value. If you have any questions about taking the best care of your Subaru, please give us a call. We look forward to showing you what a hassle-free dealership experience is all about at Carter Subaru Shoreline.

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