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Subaru Forester Accessories

Subaru Forester Hood Protector


The Hood Protector matches the contours of your Subaru Forester's hood and also helps protect it from bugs and stone chips.

$99.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Forester Rear Bumper Cover


The rear bumper cover protects the surface of your Subaru Forester's painted bumper from dings and scratches.

$69.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Forester Rear Cargo Tray

The rear cargo tray helps protect the rear area of your Forester from dirt and spills and can be easily removed, rinsed and cleaned.

Price N/A 


Subaru Forester Dog Guard Compartment Separator


This dog guard separator is a must for the pet owner.  It separates pets and cargo from the passenger area of your Subaru Forester.

$299.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Forester Hitch-Mounted Bike Carrier

This hitch-mounted bike carrier slides right into the hitch of your Subaru Forester and can carry one or two bicycles.  The bike frame cradle supports rotate and lock info position to help secure your bike frame to the carrier.  The arms can also fold down when not in use. 

$274.99 Dealer Price

 Subaru Forester Aero Cross Bar Set


The Cross bars can be used with all Subaru carrier attachments.  These bars are to be used with Subaru Forster's that are equipped with factory roof rails.

$229.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Forester All-Weather Floor Mats

These custom-fitted all-weather floor mats are a must to protect your Subaru Forester's carpet from dirt, sand and moisture (set of four).  Not for use over the top of carpeted floor mats.

$69.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Forester Cargo Organizer


This handy cargo organizer conveniently transports four grocery bags or your outdoor gear in the your Subaru Forester.  It also quickly collapses for easy storage when not in use. 

$69.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Forester Splash Guards

These splash guards are a must to protect your Subaru Forester's paint finish from road grime and stones (set of four)

$109.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Forester Body Side Molding


Theses attractive, color matched moldings coordinate with the styling of your Subaru Forester while also helping to prevent doors from unsightly dings.

Price N/A