The 2019 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2019 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.

The 2019 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

What is the Subaru Love Promise?

The Subaru Love Promise is just that. A promise. It is a promise to do right by our community by partnering with nonprofit education, health, community, environment, and animal organizations - to set Subaru apart through our deeds and the deeds of our partners. To be unlike any other car company by doing what is right and good, just for the sake of doing it.

The Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment

We believe in being a positive force in something bigger. And it all starts right here in our community. Not just by our donations, but by our actions.

That's why we stay true to our Love Promise Community Commitment by partnering with a wide variety of community nonprofits and charities.

Every year, we join hands with our owners in the "Share the Love" event, giving back to our community-a community that's given so much to us.

So, every day, we strive to ensure our love is felt not just by our customers, but by all in our community. We do this because we feel it is the right thing to do.

We are proud to participate in the Love Promise Community Commitment. We're grateful, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve and support the causes and passions that are closest to our hearts, right here in our neighborhood.

All of the organizations we support have one thing in common: the unwavering dedication to improve the world and the lives of ­its people.

Subaru Loves Pets

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Subaru Loves the Earth

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Subaru Loves Learning

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Subaru Loves to Help

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Subaru Loves to Care

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Whether they live in our homes or in the wild, Subaru is committed to keeping all animals safe and healthy.

A partner since 2008, Subaru has donated close to $14 million to the ASPCA and helped support nearly 1,000 pet adoption events, resulting in more than 11,500 adoptions to date.


Loving the environment means more than loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it.

Over a decade ago, Subaru became the first U.S. auto manufacturer to become zero-landfill, and now, in collaboration with the National Park Service and the National Parks Conservation Association, Subaru is leveraging that same environmental expertise to help the National Parks reach zero-landfill too.


It’s our goal to make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible.

Total donations to teachers: $92,233
Over 200 teachers adopted
More than 15,000 students impacts


In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

Subaru and Meals on Wheels America worked together to make volunteering easier, by launching a tool called the Meals on Wheels Online Volunteer Drive.


We should all have a chance to lead a healthy life. We’re aiming to give as many people that chance as we can.

Subaru has donated more than $4.5 million dollars to
Make A Wish, helping to grant 610 wishes in the U.S.

How is Carter Subaru Shoreline dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Carter Subaru is proud to support and sponsor many of our great local organizations and non-profits. From the environment and music to education and athletics, everyone at Carter Subaru is committed to investing in our future... and our children's future.

Pasado's Safe Haven, Woodland Park Zoo
Mountains to Sound Greenway, Brown Bear Car Wash, The Mountaineers, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Washington Trails Association
Shorewood High School, Ballard High School, Shoreline Community College, Edmonds Community College, Outdoors For All
Treehouse, Seattle Storm, Zoo Tunes, GSBA, King County Search and Rescue
Food Lifeline, Puget Sound Kidney Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Cancer Institute at Virginia Mason, The Angel Band Project

 Subaru Love Promise Heart
The Subaru Love Promise - Community Commitment View Our Love Promise Pledge
The Subaru Love Promise - Community Commitment
The Subaru Love Promise - Customer Commitment

Love Promise Stories from Carter Subaru Shoreline

Subaru and Carter Subaru Shoreline believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Carter Subaru grows a forest and community  –  Jon H

Carter Subaru brought their community and partners together for a major milestone achievement this year! Since 2008, Carter Subaru has been “On the Road to Carbon Neutral.” This Subaru retailer is offsetting their customers’ carbon footprint by planting trees in the Mountains to Sound Greenway – an iconic 1.5 million acres of connected natural lands in and around the Seattle area. Together they have planted more than 200,000 trees equivalent to $2,000,000 in donations– growing not just a forest, but also a community of people who care for their natural environment. These native trees improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases, and enhance recreational green spaces, benefiting both our health and well-being. Carter Subaru’s commitment extends beyond the financial, as they and many of their customers have also volunteered more than 1,700 hours to remove invasive species and plant trees. This combination of habitat protection and community engagement is one of the reasons that the Mountains to Sound Greenway was recently designated as a National Heritage Area, ensuring a legacy that will enrich our environment and our community for generations. Carter Subaru’s sustained partnership has created a legacy that will enrich our environment and our community for generations. No other organization has made this significant level of contribution to the Greenway, and we are all truly indebted to Carter Subaru for their vision and support.

How Music Can Heal  –  Rachel E

Thanks to the generous commitment of Carter Subaru these past several years, The Angel Band Project – a national nonprofit with a chapter in Seattle, WA – has been able to support survivors of sexual assault through unique music therapy programs. The mission of the organization is to use the power of music to provide healing, raise awareness, and promote positive social change for survivors of sexual violence. Carter Subaru has been very instrumental in growing our programs in Seattle. This year, The Angel Band Project celebrated its 10th anniversary as a nonprofit with a benefit concert and auction at the Neptune Theater. Carter Subaru served as the Presenting Sponsor and rallied the community and their partners to make a huge impact for our event. Over $127,000 was raised, ensuring that survivors in Seattle will be supported for many years to come. Carter Subaru, THANK YOU for your commitment to giving survivors a voice through music.

Wanted to find a way to say thank you  –  Joanne B

I am a Seattle Storm season ticket holder since the beginning - 20 years - and in that time I have been impressed by Carter Subaru's support of women's basketball and especially the Storm. When a player hits a three-pointer Carter Subaru plants a tree on the Green way showing their support not only on individual player's performance but for the environment in our beautiful Northwest. I was also impressed by their commitment to rescue and shelter animals. I adopted a rescue 11 year old Westie three weeks ago and that cause is near and dear to my heart. I totaled my car in July and while I was recouping I spent lots of time on the internet looking at different cars. But I did know I was going to go to Carter Subaru and look at a Crosstrek because I wanted to give back to them and thank them in a tangible way by purchasing a vehicle there even though I could have gotten a cheaper car elsewhere. The purchasing experience was wonderful and easy. And the quality of the Subaru product is next to none. I got all the safety and fun features I wanted that other cars I looked at online did not have. It was a no brainer. Thank you Carter Subaru for your commitment to values that are dear to my heart, your friendliness and courtesy.

Carte Subaru Shares the Love with Animals in Need  –  Wendy O

On September 30, Pasado’s Safe Haven responded to a hoarding case in Eastern Washington where 32 dogs were being held in deplorable conditions. Some of these dogs were trapped inside for over eight years, locked in cages. Carter Subaru quickly came together to help us raise awareness with their Subaru Loves Pets initiative. They provided much needed pet supplies as well as held onsite adoption events at the dealership, as soon as the animals were ready for adoption. Carter Subaru helped us activate media partners and reach out to their many customers about our need.We are happy to report we received over 100 adoption requests for our animals, and bringing much needed attention to our mission of saving animals. Thank you to everyone at Carter Subaru for partnering with all of us at Pasado’s Safe Haven and helping us to make a big difference in the lives of the most vulnerable animals. We’re so appreciative of your support and words alone are unfortunately insufficient to describe the tremendous impact you’re really making in this life saving work.

Music Heals thanks to Carter Subaru  –  Rachel E

Thanks to the generous commitment of Carter Subaru these past several years, The Angel Band Project – a national nonprofit with a chapter in Seattle, WA – has been able to support survivors of sexual assault through unique music therapy programs. The mission of the organization is to use the power of music to provide healing, raise awareness, and promote positive social change for survivors of sexual violence. Carter Subaru has been very instrumental in growing our programs in Seattle. This year, The Angel Band Project celebrated its 10th anniversary as a nonprofit with a benefit concert and auction at the Neptune Theater. Carter Subaru served as the Presenting Sponsor and rallied the community and their partners to make a huge impact for our event. Over $127,000 was raised, ensuring that survivors in Seattle will be supported for many years to come. Carter Subaru, THANK YOU for your commitment to giving survivors a voice through music.

Carter Subaru Shoreline Cares for VM Patients  –  Katie J

Carter Subaru Shoreline is a wonderful partner in the fight against blood cancer and giving back. On July 17, 2019, they showed their dedication to the mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of ending blood cancer and improving the quality of life of patients and their families with a special delivery. They hand delivered 80 warm blankets to cancer patients at Virginia Mason to help ease the discomfort cancer treatment can cause. This is the fourth year of this partnership and each year the staff at the hospital look forward to delivering this delivery as they are a favorite amongst the patients. Thank you so much for helping LLS fulfill our mission and for caring about cancer patients in your community.

Carter Subaru comes together to Climb.Conquer.Cure  –  Katie J

On March 24, 2019 Carter Subaru Shoreline climbed 69 floors, gaining 788 feet of elevation at the Columbia Center in Seattle as “Team Carter”. They came together to raise dollars in support of cancer research, blood cancer patients and their families. As a major sponsor of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Big Climb for four years, this year Carter Shoreline employees wanted to give back in a big way. In January, Pam Lerch, Carter Shoreline’s Office Manager was selected to be the team captain and created the team from different departments within the dealership. With 19 people on board, “Team Carter” raised $4,070 - an average of $215 per person. The dollars they raised will be used by the LLS to help support the training of a research fellow funded by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for one month. Training for this heroic feat, the team climbed the Richmond Beach stairs located near the dealership on their lunch breaks once or twice per week leading up to the event. They fundraised for this event as a team through social media and personal asks of their friends and family. “We were filled with pride to see the Carter Subaru signs in the stairwells encouraging us to keep going,” says Pam. “But seeing the dedication signs honoring people who have lived through and/or lost their battle to blood cancer in the stairwells truly made us appreciate the reason we were climbing. Each time it felt like we couldn’t take another step, we would look up and see the face of someone no longer with us… and that motivated us to keep pushing up the 69 floors even harder. ”The Carter Subaru Shoreline team is excited to return to Big Climb next year. They also plan to take advantage of the very generous Subaru match to help bring in more support for blood cancer patients and their families and fund live-saving, critical research. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society would not be able to fund our mission of ending blood cancer without the support of our corporate teams and sponsors such as Carter Subaru Shoreline. Thank you again for climbing for those who can’t and helping us make a huge difference in the lives of our patients and their loved ones.

Carter Subaru's commitment to education  –  Elaine H

We, at the Edmond’s Community College Foundation, are grateful for the tremendous support from Carter Subaru these past 8 years. Carter Subaru has donated over $45,000 to support our various charitable works. However, the latest scholarships that directly support deserving students in pursuit of their degree, have been an especially rewarding. Here is a direct quote from one of our students that received the Carter Subaru Scholarship: "It is my honor and privilege to be the recipient of the Carter Subaru Scholarship for the 2019/20 academic year. During the interim of my career at Edmonds Community College, I intend to maximize my time, gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to propel me towards future coursework in the Radiologic field. Education has been the catalyst to transcend my family’s lives from the meager beginning of escaping domestic violence and living in a shelter, to establishing secure housing and the hope of a prosperous future. Thank you for your contribution to my future and the future of my family." - Carolyn, 2019 Carter Subaru Scholarship Recipient.

Carter Subaru's impact is clear & powerful  –  Janis A

“It seems like Treehouse is always top of mind with the folks at Carter Subaru! Whenever there is an opportunity to highlight our work with youth or support our kids in any way, we know we can count on Carter Subaru to say “Yes!” Carter Subaru does so many things for Treehouse from donation drives to “Share the Love.” One of my favorites is how you amplify Treehouse’s voice by carrying it forward through your employees directly to your customers. Each year, we’re invited to the dealership to talk with the Carter team about how Treehouse gives youth who experience foster care a childhood and a future. We have a heartfelt conversation so when your team talks with customers, they are able to deliver the full picture of our work. This innovation was Carter Subaru’s idea, and it’s made such a tremendous impact. You’ve been there as Treehouse has evolved through the years from a small nonprofit into a statewide organization serving more than 7,000 youth in foster care, providing education support, clothing, holiday gifts, access to extracurricular activities and driver’s education. Carter Subaru was there at the beginning of our Graduation Success program, which has dramatically increased graduation rates for youth in foster care—an absolutely critical component of our success. As one of your two local “Share the Love” charities, Treehouse is so appreciative to have received more than $340,000 from Carter Subaru since 2005. Your staff has spent countless hours volunteering, and you’ve been a big supporter of our annual Holiday Magic program with 97.3 FM KIRO Radio, which generated more than $1.4 million during the past six years. Jennifer Moran even co-chaired our 15th Annual Champions for Foster Kids Luncheon that raised almost $1 million. Carter Subaru’s impact on youth in foster care is clear, powerful and radiates across the state of Washington. We can’t thank you enough for using your fierce optimism to build a stronger community that supports youth in care. Together, we ensure the most vulnerable among us graduate from high school and launch successfully into adulthood.”

Making a difference in the lives of the homeless  –  Wendy O

Often unseen in the midst of the current homelessness crisis are the many furry family members - dogs and cats – who live with their homeless caretakers and face similar harsh living realities. These companion animals are often very loved, but many desperately need the same basic care and medical resources that all animals deserve. Staying healthy, well fed and warm are survival necessities for these animals, particularly in the upcoming harsh winter months. That's why Pasado's Safe Haven and Carter Subaru have teamed up for our annual “Home for the Howlidays” event which raises and distributes over 120 tons of pet food to animals in need. This event also helps Seattle’s homeless communities properly care for their pets by offering winter clothing, enrichment toys and support for the cost of vaccinations and flea prevention. We’re also so grateful to have received a Subaru Loves Pets grant awarded by the ASPCA thanks to your assistance. This grant will enable us to create two new events at Carter Subaru giving us a new platform to collect more pet food and toys for homeless and income-qualified families, provide free microchipping and offer free pet adoptions. Thank you to everyone at Carter Subaru for partnering with all of us at Pasado’s Safe Haven and helping us to make a big difference in the lives of the homeless and their pets. With each full belly and wagging tail, each of these pet owners can rest a little easier knowing his or her beloved furry friend will be warm and happy. We’re so appreciative of your support and words alone are unfortunately insufficient to describe the tremendous impact you’re really making for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Compassion comes naturally to Carter Subaru  –  Jane N

For many patients, being able to continue working with kidney failure can be difficult. As Dan Blatnik, Director of Social Services at Puget Sound Kidney Centers notes, “Not being able to work is a very real concern for our patients, and it absolutely helps when a patient has a supportive employer in their corner.” Bob Crabtree is one of those fortunate people, having found a supportive employer at Carter Subaru in Seattle. Since Bob has polycystic kidney disease, he knew early on that his kidneys would likely fail. He also knew that having a compassionate employer as he navigated this disease would be essential for him and his family. As he assures us, “I’m very fortunate. Over the last 19 years, Carter Subaru has been very supportive of me throughout my journey with kidney disease, during kidney failure and two years on dialysis, and throughout my kidney transplant process. They continue to be supportive as I volunteer to help other people with kidney disease.” Impressed by Carter Subaru’s compassion, we asked Executive Manager, Jennifer Moran, how Carter Subaru came to be so supportive of their employees. “It’s not even a question for us to consider,” Jennifer noted. “We have over 200 employees and life just happens. We just try to ask ourselves, ‘How would I want to be treated if I had to go through this challenge?’ and then we figure it out.” Jennifer explains, “Our culture is really a testament to the Carter family.” The Carters started their car dealership in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard in 1960 and then opened a second dealership in Shoreline in 1976. They have a long history as a thoughtful employer and as an active community member. Jennifer continues, “If you don’t care about your employees and your community, it’s going to be hard to stay in business.” Today, the deeply rooted humanity at Carter Subaru is stewarded by the second generation of Carters, brother and sister Wade and Sara Carter, who continue to nurture a proud tradition of caring for their employees and the communities they serve. Thank you Carter Subaru for your support and compassion of Bob Crabtree, and for others that may face challenging circumstances.

Knowing she can now do anything  –  Jessica R

Thank you to everyone at Carter Subaru for partnering with Treehouse and helping us make a big difference in the lives of children and youth in foster care by giving them a better childhood and creating a solid foundation for their future. When Victoria and her sister were little, their father was deported and their mom became involved in another relationship that was abusive. Victoria’s mom would constantly question her abilities and Victoria grew up thinking she wasn’t capable of very much. Fortunately, Victoria was removed from that environment and placed in foster care. She quickly was referred to Treehouse, and every week Victoria would meet with her Treehouse Education Specialist. “She holds me accountable and encourages me,” says Victoria, who proudly gets all A’s and B’s in school now. Treehouse has been there for Victoria and her sister, providing clothes, helping with school fees and offering educational support through its Graduation Success program. Victoria no longer doubts herself and has plans to be a nurse. Children in foster care, like Victoria and her sister, are turning their lives around thanks to the generosity of companies such as Carter Subaru. Your “adoption” of Treehouse and all our kids is making a huge difference in the community, and we can’t thank you enough! As one of your two “Subaru Share the Love Event” Home Town charities, Treehouse is so appreciative to have received over $260,000 from Carter Subaru since 2005. Coupled with your staff’s countless volunteer hours, Jennifer Moran’s personal commitment as co-chair of our 15th Annual Champions for Foster Kids Luncheon that raised almost $1 million, and support of our annual Holiday Magic program with KIRO radio which generated over $1.4 million in the past 5 years, Carter Subaru has had a tremendous impact on youth in foster care across Washington State. We’re where we are today thanks to all of you at Carter Subaru - and we’ll be forever grateful for all your support!

Subaru Loves to Care for Cancer Patients  –  Katie J

On Monday, July 9th, Carter Subaru in Shoreline partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to deliver blankets and arts and crafts kits to cancer patients and pediatric patients at the Floyd and Delores Jones Cancer Institute at Virginia Mason. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society exists to find cures for cancer and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families. These blankets bring comfort during cancer treatment which is a very uncomfortable but necessary process. Virginia Mason greatly appreciates Carter Subaru for their generosity and their in-depth involvement with the local community. Thank you again for your care and compassion for the patients at Virginia Mason and from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Carter Subaru is the real hero!  –  Jennifer B

Thank you Carter Subaru, for the perfect search and rescue. At 8:30 pm on a cold, wet, and windy October night our emergency pagers went off. “Advanced dementia, last seen 14:00hrs, 71-year male.” My King County Search and Rescue team immediately responded and we started our search near his home about 9:30 pm, progressing through his neighborhood, searching backyards and unlocked cars along the way. At 2:30 am we exhausted our search area and were discussing what to do next when the radio call came in from one of our many search and rescue volunteers: “Subject located cold, wet, very scared and confused. All teams return to base.” As this gentleman was loaded into the ambulance he looked over to see us all standing there, soaked to the bone, watching over him. He raised his arms up towards us and the biggest expression of gratitude took over his face. This man who had no words cried out, and in that moment we all knew exactly what had happened that night – the perfect search and rescue. We were a well-orchestrated team of volunteers that night... and it showed. Because of Carter Subaru’s generous support of time, money, tireless fundraising on our behalf and increased community awareness, King County Search and Rescue had the right tools, the right people, and the right training to focus on what we do best - save lives and bring families back together. We may be heroes to this man and his family, but Carter Subaru is our hero. As a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and funded by donations, we couldn’t do what we do without you. We’re all so glad you’re in our lives because what you do really does make a difference.

Planting a Forest in the Greenway  –  Danny L

A typical vehicle emits 5-tons of carbon dioxide per year. But did you know that 4 trees over their lifespan offset the carbon footprint of one year driving? In 2008 Carter Subaru was looking for a way to make a difference to protect our environment & decrease our carbon footprint, so we set out to find the perfect partner - and we did! Partnering with the Mountains to Sound Greenway, Carter Subaru’s iconic program of being “On the Road to Carbon Neutral” was born! The Greenway manages 1.5-million acres of public land that offers everyone the chance to enjoy nature, wildlife & activities. Eleven years ago none of us could have imagined the impact we would have & how planting trees is making a real difference. Planting trees is a way for people to take action knowing they’re a part of something that’s not just about today… but tomorrow. It’s about offsetting the annual carbon footprint of over 40,000 vehicles so we breathe clean air. And it’s about helping the Greenway become stronger as they inspire action to conserve & enhance our landscape. Carter Subaru’s $1,600,000 investment in purchasing over 160,000 trees for the Greenway has ensured a long-term balance between people & nature. But it’s our physical commitment & personal connection that is the most rewarding. Working side-by-side with hundreds of volunteers, Carter Subaru’s staff, family, customers & community partners have come together every year volunteering thousands of hours getting our hands dirty planting trees.

Cancer Patients Benefit from Subaru Loves to Care  –  Sarah M

On Wednesday, June 28th, representatives from Carter Subaru Ballard, including Danny Levine and Jennifer Moran, joined LLS Campaign Director Sarah Morningstar at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle where a gift of 160 blankets and 40 craft kits was presented at the Floyd and Delores Jones Cancer Institute at Virginia Mason. On hand were members of the oncology medical team, led by Dr. David Aboulafia, who were delighted to help ensure that these blankets and craft kits get distributed to cancer patients and young visitors. Carter Subaru is a long-standing supporter of Virginia Mason and has also supported the local LLS Chapter whose mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Together, this meeting was a win-win-win situation for cancer patients and all those who endeavor to care and support them in the hospital, and in the community.

Subaru and NWF Loves the Earth  –  Diana D

A few years ago, our community built us a beautiful new high school. It also meant that we had to rebuild our well established garden. It took many grants, volunteers, and hard work to get it up and running. We really appreciate Subaru's part in enriching our garden.

Our partnership has created a legacy  –  Jon H

As the Executive Director of The Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust, which oversees the conservation and enhancement of 1.5 million-acres from Seattle to Central Washington, I'm writing to say THANK YOU again to Carter Subaru for their tremendous and ongoing support. Since 2008, Carter Subaru has donated over $1,500,000 to purchase over 150,000 trees for the Greenway – native trees that improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gasses and enhance recreational green spaces that benefit our health and well being. Carter Subaru’s commitment extends beyond the financial, as the owners, staff and many of their customers who appreciate the outdoors have worked by our sides volunteering 1,200+ hours over the past 8 years to clear invasive weeds and plant their donated trees at our annual tree planting events. I also want to extend a special shout-out to the many dedicated Carter Subaru employees who have exceeded our expectations by bringing their families and friends every weekend this past fall to help restore Lake Sammamish State Park. We certainly couldn’t have reached our goals without their tenacity and generous commitment of time! Carter Subaru’s sustained partnership has created a legacy that will enrich our environment and our community for generations. No other organization has made this significant level of contribution to the Greenway, and we are all truly indebted to Carter Subaru for their vision and support.

5th Graders ski & ride FREE at Stevens Pass  –  Matt P

Falling in love with the mountains through skiing and snowboarding can be life changing, and that's why Stevens Pass and Carter Subaru have teamed up to offer FREE season passes to Washington State's 5th graders. Since 2013 over 8,450 students (a value of over $3.5 million) have taken advantage of this snowsports program that encourages kids to get off the couch and play outside. “This partnership allows us to connect with the next generation of skiers and riders,” says Jennifer Moran, Executive Manager of Carter Subaru. “It demonstrates our firm commitment with Stevens Pass to achieve a common goal of creating a new, healthier generation that has a passion for sports and the outdoors”. Photo credit: “Ian Coble / Stevens Pass”

Impreza was totally impressed with Carter Subaru  –  Heidi H

Thank you for welcoming Guide Puppies of Seattle to Carter Subaru and allowing us to socialize our puppies with you. As an all-volunteer local puppy-raising group for Guide Dogs for the Blind, each of our puppies is raised in a volunteer’s home from 8 weeks old until approximately 15 months old in which they learn basic obedience, good house manners, and above all, how to be social. That’s why we really appreciate you inviting us to Carter Subaru so we could hang out with your staff and customers in a warm and welcoming environment. Just allowing our puppies to socialize with you means so much to all of us and really makes a big difference. And our pup-in-training “Impreza” was totally "impressed" with all of you. Looking forward to doing this again and again with Carter Subaru!

Sharing The Love With Carter Subaru  –  Danny L

Love. It's the only thing you make more of by giving it away. So when Subaru had their annual Share The Love Event and donated $250 to your choice of six charities when you purchased or leased a new Subaru, Carter Subaru picked two hometown charities that are close to our hearts: King County Search and Rescue, and Tree House. King County Search and Rescue is one of the largest search and rescue organizations in the country and also one of the busiest. On average, they respond to a mission every three days. In 2015, they had about 125 missions, volunteered almost 19,000 mission hours, and drove over 180,000 miles in their personal vehicles, not including training missions. They are proudly 100% volunteer and provide their search and rescue services at no cost to the citizens of King County and upon request to other counties in Washington. Tree House provides kids in foster care with the academic and other essential supports they equally deserve to help them graduate high school. Treehouse envisions and strives to create a world where every child that has experienced a crisis of parenting has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and become productive members of our community. Children in foster care live in an uncertain world, and the stability that most children take for granted is not guaranteed to foster kids. Check out our sing-along video on the right.

Supporting Foster Kids With KIRO's HOLIDAY MAGIC  –  Karin C

KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, Carter Subaru and Treehouse, a nonprofit organization addressing the essential education and enrichment needs of kids in foster care, raised over $502,000 for local foster children during the 28th Annual Holiday Magic Fundraiser on December 14, 2016. The Holiday Magic program helps foster kids by raising money to provide each child in the program with one significant holiday gift along with support for programs and services throughout the year. For the fifth consecutive year, Holiday Magic exceeded half a million dollars in donations and cash during the 12-hour fundraiser. “Thanks to your generosity, thousands of kids across Washington State will feel the love and support of our community and enjoy a magical holiday!” said Treehouse CEO Janis Avery. Founded in 1988, Treehouse helps over 7,000 kids in foster care each year through programs that help them succeed in school, fulfill key material needs, and provide important childhood experiences every child deserves. Treehouse is also one of Carter Subaru’s Share The Love Event hometown charities in which they received over $43,000 in 2016. Photo: Jennifer Moran, Carter Subaru Excecutive Manager on air during the fundraiser.

Carter Subaru Spreads the Love & Warmth  –  Meredith K

At Carter Subaru, we believe that everyone should have a chance to lead a healthy life, which is why we are proud to partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the Floyd and Delores Jones Cancer Institute at Virginia Mason. In July 2016, Carter Subaru spread a little bit of love and warmth by delivering 120 chenille blankets and messages of hope to cancer patients at Virginia Mason. As the world's largest health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research, education and patient services, LLS's mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Virginia Mason leads the way in cancer care in the Puget Sound area and has survival rates among the best in the nation at every stage. With no cancer being "typical", Virginia Mason designs and develops a unique course of treatment for each patient with an experienced multidisciplinary team of physicians and healthcare professionals who are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. Photo (left to right): Robbi Bishop, Administrative Director Cancer Institute; Jennifer Moran, Executive Director Carter Subaru; David M. Aboulafia, MD Section Head Hematology and Oncology; Alison Green, RN Oncology Nursing & Infusion Services; Josh Buren, Corporate Development Director LLS WA Chapter

It's all about Bruce  –  Emily F

I just wanted to share with you an experience I had at my last oil change at Carter Subaru in Shoreline. Forgive me for the personal details, but I just want to impart how much the excellent service I received from Betty meant to me. My mom just spent 35 days in the hospital, and is now in rehab. I had just finished 3 months of driving between Seattle and Mount Vernon for my job (~100 miles/day) and desperately needed to get my oil changed before I had to drive to Longview for a friend's bridal shower. Fast forward to earlier this month: my dog Bruce and I stopped on our way to visit my mom to get my oil changed (with no appointment) and Betty was my service advisor. She told me it would probably take around 2 hours and that she was very sorry, but she would try to get us out of there as soon as possible. She then promptly came around the corner to give my dog a biscuit and some treats. When my car was ready (approximately 1.5 hours), she told me that she had my wiper blades replaced free of charge and that I was ready to roll. Then, to add on to this excellent experience at the service center, I received a thank you card in the mail yesterday from Betty, complete with a sticker of a dog titled "Bruce"! In short, I am just so impressed with Betty. She had no idea that I had such a challenging few months and was just being kind - but it meant far more than she knew. We will be back! Thank you to Betty and the rest of the Carter Subaru crew!

The Butterfly Heroes at Carter Subaru  –  Danny L

Unfortunately the monarch butterfly population in the United States has declined by more than 90 percent in recent years, so Carter Subaru is helping out! Throughout April, Carter Subaru is partnering with the National Wildlife Foundation for the Butterfly Heroes Program. This program's goal is to bring awareness to the declining population and connect our community of gardeners and kids, families and schools alike to help the monarchs and other pollinators. Creating monarch and pollinator habitat is a wonderful opportunity for observing one of nature's most miraculous occurrences. The unique transformation the monarch butterfly undergoes during its life cycle from egg, caterpillar (larva) and chrysalis to the delicate yet resilient butterfly is wonderfully intriguing for students and teachers alike. Stop in to Carter Subaru to learn more about the program and pick up some complimentary milkweed seeds to do your part at home!

Dedicated to the Legacy of Northwest Art  –  Elizabeth M

Cascadia Art Museum is the first museum dedicated to NW art from the late 19th century through the 1960s, defined by the waters that flow from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. With six galleries and a multi-purpose education room the 11,000 square foot museum is part of the adaptive re-use of one of Edmonds' most iconic, mid-Modern century buildings. Their Inaugural Exhibition supported by Carter Subaru introduces viewers to a prolific body of works produced by significant regional artists active from 1900 and leading up to the formation of the group in 1939 and through the 1960s.

Using Music to Break the Silence  –  Rachel E

Sexual and domestic violence is a silent issue, and the Angel Band Project is working to break the silence and inspire people to engage with this issue through the transformative power of music. Carter Subaru is proud to support the Angel Band Project in their hope to provide healing for survivors and foster a society that's not only willing to listen, but ready to change. Music therapy has the power to heal - it reaches in and grabs you in a place that words alone could never touch. Music also has the power to break through and engage people in a way that's easier for them to listen, and hopefully, begin to understand.

Showcasing the amazing habitats of Washington  –  Katie R

The Woodland Park Zoo's Wild Wise program offers King County students in grades 4-7 a high-impact multimedia indoor presentation and a hands-on inquiry based outdoor exploration. Designed to hone their observation and investigation skills as they study and spend time in Washington habitats, this practical education program showcases the amazing habitats of Washington and the animals which call them home. The program also focuses on skills used by professional biologists and naturalists to learn how to identify and recognize native flora and fauna. In addition, students will see what people are doing to protect our environment right here in Washington, and what they can do to help.

Carter Subaru Loves the Earth  –  Jim A

As part of our Subaru Love Promise, Carter Subaru actively pledges to actively preserve the environment. During April our stores collected unwanted electronic waste customers had dropped off. By responsibly recycling this E-Waste, we helped prevent toxic compounds from entering our soil and waterways. In April we also planted another 800+ trees in the Mountains to Sound Greenway to offset our carbon footprint. Thank you, our customers, for joining us in our effort of protecting our precious environment and helping us all to be on the road to carbon neutral.

Improving Public Education  –  Mary Beth L

At Carter Subaru we understand that our children are our future leaders. The League of Education Voters is the only Washington-based organization working to improve public education from early learning through higher education. They shape the debate, build powerful coalitions, and grow the grassroots to achieve meaningful reform and ample, equitable, and stable resources for education. Their advocacy agenda supports our vision that every Washington student has access to a public education that provides the opportunity for success. And their legislative agenda proposes a vision for public education that guarantees that every Washington student has the opportunity for a high-quality education from early learning through the first two years of college.

Our Community, In Focus  –  Ryan H

In our continued pledge to support LGBT, Carter Subaru is proud to sponsor the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Held annually in October since 1996, the Film Festival has grown into the largest event of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, gaining industry and audience recognition for showcasing the latest and greatest in queer film, from major motion picture premieres to emerging talent. An important venue in the Seattle film scene, and the social event of the season, the festival provides unique opportunities for visiting and local filmmakers to engage and entertain over 10,000 attendees.

Empowering Homeless Women  –  Beth B

A proud new partner of Carter Subaru, we're proud to help support Mary's Place, a local Seattle organization that empowers homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope in a safe community. A leading voice in the community, Mary's Place empowers women to reclaim their lives by offering community, acceptance, hope and dignity. Their work keeps struggling families together and provides practical tools and resources that help women find housing and employment.

Supporting the Seattle Men's & Women's Chorus  –  Matthew A

The Seattle Men's Chorus is the largest gay men's chorus in the world with over 350 singing members, and Seattle Women's Chorus has quickly grown to over 300 singers. In addition to supporting the choruses all year long, Carter Subaru is especially proud to be a key partner in the choruses annual Holiday Raffle, where for $5 you can buy a ticket with the hopes of winning a brand new Subaru. With Carter Subaru's support, the work of the Choruses rolls forward touching lives, building acceptance, and empowering all citizens to claim their full and equal rights.

See Concerts. Save Animals!  –  Katie L

ZooTunes presented by Carter Subaru is one of Seattle's premiere concert venues that helps support the Zoo and all the wonderful animals they care for. A Seattle summer tradition celebrating more than 30 years, it's the place to enjoy live music performances from today's top talent in jazz, blues, folk and bluegrass performing against one of Seattle's most beautiful outdoor backdrops: Woodland Park Zoo's picturesque North Meadow.

Creating a road to hope & possibility  –  Jessica R

Carter Subaru is proud to have supported Tree House over the last few years by selecting them as our preferred local partner for Subaru's annual "Share The Love Event". Our partnership has resulted in thousands of dollars donated to keep kids in foster care on track to graduate from high school and achieve their dreams. Because of Carter Subaru, Tree House was able to serve more than 7,000 kids in foster care last year in the Seattle area, providing education coaching and support, access to extracurricular activities and summer camps, and the clothes and school supplies they need to fit in and succeed at school. Together, Carter Subaru and Tree House are creating a road to hope and possibility for youth in foster care.

Stormin' Seattle  –  Shannon B

As long time partners of Seattle's two-time WNBA Champions, Carter Subaru supports many Seattle Storm programs, including their "Go Green" initiative. By sharing environmental values, together we're committed to reduce our collective environmental footprint. For example, if you carpool to a Storm game in a Subaru, you'll park free in the Carter Subaru Garage. In addition, we have our exciting 3's for Trees program - for every 3-pointer our Storm players get, Carter Subaru will plant a tree in the Mountains to Sound Greenway. So far we've planted over 1,500 trees!

Riders supporting Riders  –  Todd C

Carter Subaru has supported the Stinky Spoke Ride since they got started several years ago. This fun and muddy 18.6 mile uphill bike ride is always on the worst weather day of the year in January... and that's where you get the Stinky part from. Carter Subaru is proud to sponsor Stinky Spoke because they in turn benefit Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center which brings equine-assisted therapies to children and adults with disabilities.

Seattle's GSBA Scholarship Fund  –  Louise Chernin C

Carter Subaru realizes that today's students are tomorrow's leaders, and is committed to supporting our community's future leaders by providing resources to outstanding LGBT students. We are proud to support Seattle's GSBA Scholarship Fund that benefits undergraduate students who exhibit leadership potential, demonstrate strong academic abilities, and who are actively involved in school and community organizations.

Carter Subaru Helps Children in Need  –  Karin C

Carter Subaru, in partnership with the Seattle Seahawks & KIRO Radio are committed to investing in our future and our children's future by supporting many of our local charities. Every month a different charity is chosen, from Camp Korey that helps children living with serious and life-altering medical conditions, to Forterra, the largest conservation and community building organization dedicated solely to the Northwest.

Carter Subaru Supports Mountains to Sound Greenway  –  Margaret U

Native trees are critical to the health of the Pacific Northwest. Trees improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases, shade creeks and streams cooling water for threatened salmon, reduce erosion and filter pollutants, improving water quality, and providing important wildlife habitat. Since 2008, Carter Subaru has planted over 100,000 native trees and shrubs in the Mountains to Sound Greenway, the scenic byway along the I-90 corridor stretching from Seattle over Snoqualmie Pass into Central Washington. Carter Subaru is literally "Planting a Forest... One Test Drive at a time!" Here's how it works: Test-drive any Subaru at Carter, and Carter will plant one tree in your name. When you buy a Subaru, Carter will plant three more trees. By doing this we're helping reduce your carbon footprint even further, so together we're all "On the Road to Carbon Neutral". Highlight and right click the following link to view our Love Promise in action:

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