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Subaru Outback Moon Air Deflector


The Moon Air Deflector helps reduce sun glare and wind noise while you are driving in your Subaru Outback.

$71.96 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Side Window Deflectors

Let fresh air in your Subaru Outback when your driving while keeping the weather out.  The design of the deflector includes an integrated chrome insert to match window frame trim.

$159.95 Dealer Price

  Subaru Outback Snowboard and Ski Carrier

Carry your Ski's or snowboard on your Subaru Outback when you want to send the day up on the mountain.  This design holds up to four snowboards or six skis.  You can also use it to carry your fishing rods.

$150.00 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Puddle Lights


The puddle LED lights activate when the vehicle doors are unlocked using the keyless entry and give a soft glow that illuminates the ground aiding entry and exit of your Subaru Outback.

$149.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Hood Protector

The Subaru Outback hood protector matches the contour of the hood and also helps protect it from bugs and stone chips.

$99.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Fog Light Kit


The Subaru Outback Fog Light Kit casts a wide and low beam of light that enhances vision in inclement weather. Available only with the 2.5i)

$269.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Dog Guard/Compartment Separator


The Dog Guard separates pets and cargo from the passenger area of your Subaru Outback.  Not for use with child seats that require tether straps.

$299.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Remote Engine Starter

The Remote Engine starter allows vehicle to be started by simply pushing a button from the convenience of your home or office (up to 400 feet away depending on obstructions) so that the vehicle's interior temperature comfortable by the time you enter.

$369.95 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass & Homelink

The Subaru Outback mirror automatically darkens when headlights are approaching from behind the vehicle.  It features an electronic compass with a red transflective display.  Equipped with three HomeLink buttons that can be programmed to operate most garage door openers and other HomeLink compatible devices.

$260.00 Dealer Price

  Subaru Outback Mobile Internet


This Mobile Internet devise turns your Subaru Outback into a secure traveling WiFi hotspot using 3G network infrastructure, unique technology manages data as you travel between cell phone towers, keeping your passengers connected to the Internet.

$399.00 Dealer Price

  Subaru Outback  All-Weather Floor Mats


These Subaru Outback all-weather floor mats are custom-fitted mats to help protect your vehicle carpet from sand, dirt and moisture.

$69.95 Dealer Price

  Subaru Outback Splash Guards                            


The Subaru Outback splash guards helps protect your vehicle's paint finish from stones and road grime.  Prices includes a set of four but not compatible with rear underspoiler.  Part number varies by color.

$109.95 Dealer Price

  Subaru Outback 110 Volt Power Outlet

Adding 110 Volt power to your Subaru Outback with 110 Watt 2-Prong power outlet makes travel more convenient.

$233.00 Dealer Price
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Subaru Outback Satellite Radio
Installing XM or Sirius into your Subaru Outback allows you to hear your favorite programming virtually anywhere in the continental US with up to 170 channels of digital quality music, talk, sports, and comedy.

Required monthly subscription sold separately after trail period ends.  Additional fees, equipment, and taxes may apply.  Not available in Hawaii or Alaska. 

$398.00 Dealer Price

Subaru Outback Trailer Hitch


Subaru Outback hitches are engineered to the same rigorous quality standards as the rest of your Subaru Outback.  The hitch is rated at 3,000 Ibs with a maximum towing capacity with a 3.6L engine (2,700 Ibs maximum with a 2.7 Ibs engine) and 200 Ibs maximum tongue weight.  

Hitch ball not included.  Trailer brakes may be needed.

$429.95 Dealer Price
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